Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to peruse my website.  Lets get to know each other.

My name is Hydee and I am a wife and mama to three of the best kids on the planet (I'm biased.) Most of my days are filled with carpooling, snacks, playdates and crazy ALL THE TIME. And I love it.  I also love filling out blank forms, Dirty Diet Cokes from Swig and cheesecake, lots of cheesecake. My editing is done after bedtime when my little people are snoring and I can devote myself entirely to the details (while sitting in my pjs, eating Swedish Fish and listening to iTunes radio, of course). 

And can I let you in on a little secret? I used to hate photographing families.  It's true. The whole process seemed so forced, so hard, so miserable. And then one day it hit me.  (No, not the shoe thrown by my 2 year old.) But the realization that I really don't have to do what everyone else does. And, for me, capturing the emotion and truth within a family is so much more important than making sure everyone is sitting up tall with their best fake smile. (Sometimes I still like those ones, too.)  I won't pretend to have everything figured out, because I don't.  But, if you'll take a deep breath, and trust in the process, together we can make a little magic. And I promise you'll never, ever regret it.